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Produce insulated and non-insulated type; the appearance of stainless steel or aluminum can be sprayed, and with a variety of colors to choose; open the way to land a spring or optional door closer; all fire doors in new outlook and reasonable structure.


Product type:

According to the fire resistance type, can be divided into heat insulating and non-insulating.
According to the structure form, can be made into single, double open door these two forms. 
According to the open ways, it has floor spring, gemel plus door closer these two types.


Technical feature:

Fire resistant rating: Grade I is 90 minutes, Grade II is 60 minutes, Grade III is 45 minutes, Grade IV is 30 minutes.
Sound insulation: Depending on the performance of fire resistant glass Used.
Heat insulation: Depending on the performance of fire resistant glass Used.
Anti-aging: in case of outdoor, door frame should used in conjunction with fire-resistant glass.
Door frame appearance selection: spray painting, fluorocarbon spray  painting, silk pattern stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, aluminum or titanium.


Fire resistant glazing door structure:

            gemel door structure                                Floor spring door structure

    1.Door frame       2.Door leaf       3.Fire resistant glass       4.Knop
    5.Fire resistant lock       6.Gemel       7.Handle       8.Floor spring
        Door lock structure                 Electronic lock structure          Door-hinge structure                     Handle

This product has been widely used in modern building construction such as hall doors, fire escape stairs aisle, elevator door, and room doors etc.

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