Nanotechnology in the heat of fire-resistant glass
Author:admin    Addtime:[2010-10-27 23:01:50]
Over the past decade, China's major cities across the country have appeared in the construction of tall buildings competing, high-rise commercial building heat. This development has caused the Ministry of Construction of dynamic materials in high-rise building on fire to promote the use of high priority, domestic and international construction industry and glass industry experts pointed out that the world's high-rise buildings and a large number of skyscrapers built, will greatly boost China and the international fire glass market. I seize this rare historical opportunity for development in 2005, successfully developed a multi-functional high-rise building fire-resistant glass, the product has been successfully put on the market, and achieved good economic returns, the research received 05 three-year scientific and technological progress, Jiangmen City prize. This year, the company increased research and development efforts, has successfully developed a first important economic benefits of domestic products - nano modified fire insulation glass, the products and technology to solve the technological development of fire-resistant glass and anti-aging can be cut with other bottlenecks.
The so-called fire-resistant glass insulation is a certain short period of time to meet the gradually warming the glass surface by the fire to about 1000 ℃ case, glass back fire no more than the average surface temperature 140 ℃ the request of the fire-resistant glass. Compared to the single non-insulated fire glass has a broader scope of use for the mainstream international market, fire-resistant glass products. Nano-modified fire-resistant glass insulation is through nanotechnology, fire protection layer to change the physical and chemical properties of the original, to achieve a favorable performance to enhance and improve or eliminate, reduce adverse product features a new type of heat and fire glass.

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